Sun Chemical Innovations for Brand Owners

Sun Chemical has developed a variety of solutions that brand owners can use to: maintain color consistency, improve speed to market from concept to consumer, contribute to a more sustainable future, follow all migration regulations, and secure the brand's packaging. Here are some examples of our innovations:


Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions to Protect Your Brand Investment

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In addition to its leadership in printing inks and packaging technology, Sun Chemical is also an expert in anti-counterfeiting solutions in printing.

Why chose Sun Chemical Security for your Brand Protection and Anti-counterfeiting needs:

  • With over 250 locations in 63 countries and 176 subsidaries worldwide, Sun Chemical is everywhere with a strong multinational global reach – unlike most suppliers in this industry
  • Sun Chemical offers the widest platform of diverse brand protection portfolio offerings that can be customized to each customer’s individual needs
  • We protect billions of packages each year for many of the world’s most popular brands
  • Sun Chemical now offers “Smart Sensor Technology” – innovative interactive point-of-use authentication and identification for dispenser refills and cartridges
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