Advanced Materials Products

Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, deliver a vast portfolio of advanced products and technologies to numerous markets, including automotive, inkjet, electrical/electronics, architectural and industrial coatings, aerospace, printed electronics, printed circuit boards, photovoltaics, plastic cards, water degassing, and plastics.

Sun Chemical’s global presence, combined with advanced technologies and products from Sun & DIC, allows for the delivery of local service and support with solutions, tailor-made.

See below for a small sampling of our broad range of product offerings. Please check back soon as our online product catalog will be available shortly.



Sun Chemical delivers unmatched inkjet inks and degasification modules to digital printers.

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A portfolio of products optimized for consumer electronics manufacturing, including household items, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

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Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics

Unmatched conductive Inks, resists, dielectrics, insulators, graphic inks, screen printable tabbing and ink jettable nanosilver inks for printed electronics manufacturing.

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Printed Circuits

Sun Chemical offers unmatched products for printed circuits, including conductive inks, etch and plating resists, flexible resists, notation ink, and soldermask.

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Sun Chemical delivers outstanding conductive inks, dielectrics, and insulators as well as adhesives for photovoltaic backsheet from the DIC Corporation.

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Best-in-class technologies and solutions for manufacturing automotive components and electronics.

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Plastic Cards

Sun Chemical offers unmatched magnetic tape, screen inks, and electronic materials for highly secure and low noise plastic cards, including credit cards, gift cards, and security passes.

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Water Degassing

Utilizing proprietary hollow fiber membrane technology from the DIC Corporation, Sun Chemical delivers unmatched degassing performance for numerous water treatment applications.

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A portfolio of resins, dispersions, and emulsions for extremely durable architectural coatings.

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A range of plasticizers and resins optimized to produce plastics with outstanding flexibility and durability.

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Sun Chemical delivers resins, coatings, and dispersions to provide textiles with exceptional peel strength, texture, and durability.

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Unmatched resins, additives, dispersions, and plasticizers that provide coatings with unmatched adhesion and durability.

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Sun Chemical delivers extreme pressure lubricant additives for efficient metalworking, metal cutting and gear assembly.

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Industry-leading epoxy resins from the DIC Corporation are optimized for high-performance composites in aerospace applications.

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